Frequently Asked Questions

I have already opened an account to the bank, how can I activate my internet banking service?

What authentication methods do I have available for accessing the internet banking application?

From what devices can I access the Internet Banking application?

How do I download and activate the mtoken application? What types of phones does the application support?

What should I do if I changed the phone where the mobile token was installed?

What should I do to reactivate the mobile token application in case I lost the phone on which the application was installed?

What should I do if I forgot the PIN code of the mobile token application?

How do I activate my mobile token biometrics functionality?

What if I mistakenly deleted the mobile token application?

If I forget my login password, how can I get a new password?

What do I do if I block my access to internet banking?

What do I do if I have suspicions about unauthorized access to my account?

Are there trading limits in internet banking? How can I change the limits?

Can I open an account from myBank platform? How can I close it?

How do I make a payment in lei? Or currency?

How can I check if a payment has been processed?

What should I do if I made a payment with the wrong processing date?

How can I cancel a processed transaction?

Can I open deposits from the myBank application?

Can I see my deposits and their characteristics?

Can I liquidate a deposit from internet banking?

Can I manage my card from the internet banking?

Can I change the card limits in the internet banking application?

Can I make recurring payments?

Can another person (friend, family, etc.) have access to the myBank application with the same username and token?

What are the time limits for processing foreign currency transactions through myBank application?

What are the commissions received for internet banking operations? What about the administration commission?

How do I make a currency exchange? What course? Can the exchange rate be negotiated?

Can I view a total of the amounts in the accounts?

What does a reliable beneficiary mean?

Can I save templates / templates for my payments?

Do I need an antivirus application on the computer from which I access the internet banking application?

Can I see my transaction history? During what period can I generate an account statement?

Is accessing the statement of account through internet banking commissioned?

Can I view the minimum payment amount on the credit card?

Can I receive information from the Bank through the messaging section?

How can I send proof of a payment order made through internet banking?

Who are the utility providers to whom they can pay utility bills?

What are the transactions that can be done through the internet banking application?

Where can you make foreign exchange?

During what time period can foreign exchange be made?

What commissions are applied to foreign exchange transactions?

How can I make a currency exchange if I have not opened an account in a certain currency?

How can I see the bank's rates on a certain date?

What is the method of obtaining the payment confirmation?

Can I see the transactions in real time?

Can I close the accounts directly from the internet banking application?

Can I activate SMS alert packages from internet banking?

Can I change my internet banking contact details?

Can I send messages to the bank from the online banking application?

In case I lose my card, can I block it from the internet banking application?

In what format can I download my account statement?